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About LandShark


Office of Stearns County Recording Services

Online Access to Real Estate Records


LandShark is a web-based application that provides registered users with remote access to recorded document data and images, archived in the Stearns County Recorder’s record management systems.


Integration between the Recorder’s LandShark internet program and the Recorder’s ’in house’ record management systems guarantees that information received via the LandShark is EXACTLY the same as it would be if obtained in person at the county.








E-mail messages regarding LandShark online record research system to:


This application is for use by human users only.  No automated downloading / data mining of information is permitted.


LandShark will be unavailable during scheduled system maintenance beginning at 4:00 PM, Friday October 30, 2020 until approximately 9:00 AM, Monday November 2, 2020.


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Version: 4.1.14